Attending the school of their choice is how most students define success these days. The Bay Area, like it or not, falls in a demographic bubble that produces a large group of students that boast an incredibly high academic success. These young people have to face the worst odds ever when  it comes to getting into a school of their choice. They soon discover that they cannot be choosers, but instead are being chosen. Unless they are guided successfully and skillfully along the way this will be a difficult process. Most certainly it is the guidance that leads them to achieve the desired admission, and not the  expensive, grueling extracurricular activities, or the volunteer hours promoted these days. 

Take these steps with us to ensure that any future acceptance into high school or college is not a damaging process but a fulfilling rite into adulthood? Attend the one-on-one essay or resume writing sessions to best highlight each personal achievement. Allow us to guide each step of the way to ensure that the student:

  • Develops resilience and mental attitude to achieve their goals and feel accomplished even after.
  • Creates a long-term strategies that will lead to a long-term personal happiness.
  • Receives continuous support writing the personal essay with unlimited revisions and a line-by-line feed back.


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