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Education means to bring out the uniqueness in the individual. We are not made one-size-fits all. When Cathy came to meet with us, she was a rising sophomore who had spent many hours training to achieve her dream–athletic scholarship. Endless nights and weekends straining her body to run, and beat the stats of some of the best in her age group. Endless months buckled down to achieve academic excellence. Cathy was a hard worker willing to succeed. But the harder she worked the harder it got. She was exasperated! We immediately honed on why she was devoting so much time without the obvious results. Cathy believed that colleges expect from her to be a “well-rounded student.” She was planning for a major in science, possibly a 6-7 year Medical program, but her efforts at school were not going to aid her in achieving that. She needed a new strategy but what?  By now she had realized that she might never be an outstanding athlete. We drafted a new plan–pursue sports for healthy and wellness but focus on science and math to achieve a strong portfolio for science major. Focus on medical background activities such as volunteering and begin a project that expresses her true nature, the one that wants to work with people and heal the sick.  College admissions cannot be just about getting in to a good college, but it is also about graduating from the educational institution and knowing that, we filled her schedule with the right kind of classes and engagement that provided strong foundation for college. We planned her classes all the way until senior year, created a testing schedule focused on SAT perfect score. Cathy attended all of our grammar and academic writing sessions and she scored 5’s on both English AP’s in addition to BC Calc, CS, and 4 more APs. As mentioned earlier, Cathy was a hard worker but now, she was working toward what was really going to benefit her in a long run. When Cathy was accepted in MIT early action we were not surprised. She was not surprised either! It was not by chance but a result of preparation. 

Preparing for college begins in high school or earlier even. If you are not planning your future, you must be prepared for regrets. OR You can give us a try and allow us to write your success story.

Think of society as a pyramid. At the very PEAK OF THE PYRAMID, you’ll find the world’s MOST BRILLIANT PEOPLE. One of the most important ladders leading to the top is KNOWLEDGE. The more we know, the higher we can move. A person should begin with the study of their LANGUAGE—and then to their general area of interest. Two steps … in that order … that can move us high on the pyramid.

Bob Proctor

Charge Forward

Dream Big, but be Realistic About How to Make it Happen 

Our experience shows that students who start preparing for college early have an upper hand over the competition. They achieve far more than the average student, have more to show on their resume, and are ready for a career and for life. As we prepare children for college, we make sure we cover the following:

  • Excellence in Grammar, Vocabulary and Academic Writing
  • Achieve the best outcome in SAT and ACT Tests
  • College Essays and student portfolio are well done and systematized
  • College Admissions Consulting when we prepare the child for college rigor and beyond

The feeling of success is the best feeling of all 

Getting Accepted is a Momentous Occasion. Attending College is a Rite of Passage. 

Our Specialties

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grammar, vocabulary, and academic writing

Essay Writing Bootcamps 


College Admissions Accelerator 


College essays edits and revisions

Quantum Leap Leadership for Youth

College Admissions Consulting 

amc 8/9 & 10/12 and AIMEE



What We Can Do For You

We work with each student individually to bring out their passions and to help them discover their talents. We help them put the work toward making these passions quantifiable, impressive achievements that decorate their resume. During the consultations sessions and unlimited correspondence, we guide each student on exactly how to chart and follow a path on emerging as the best and the brightest.

At VoicED, we are educators and parents ourselves who have become experts in all that it takes to prepare for a college career. From research to college readiness and from test prep to the admission process, as instructors, we are intimately acquainted with every aspect of college preparation. As teachers, we know how to help high school students prepare so that they are successful in being admitted to the college of their choice.

Together, we can help students identify their strengths and start envisioning their path in life.


College Consulting and Admissions Planning

Our college consulting involves guidance from start to finish. With lazer focus attention to detail we will create your profile and prapere you for success.  

Essay Preparation Services

The essay is the most critical components of the application. The personal statement and all supplementary essays must be well-written authentic stories speak of your character. We know how to guide the plot line  to achieve the Disney effect on the reader. 

Grammar and Academic Writing

When it comes to English language, grammar, and academic writing, VoicED is the best in its class. We say this with confidence because we speak from observation, data, and outcome.

SAT/ ACT Prep.

Students who worked with us preparing for SAT/ ACT tests not only showed definite improvement, but also a significant jump in their scores.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Finding your passion isn’t a simple task. You can’t just sit down, think through all your options and out pops the answer. A passion is just that. A skill, hobby, or talent you want to develop for its own sake, because you enjoy it. In-fact, your passion finds you most of the time, and all that is needed from you is to keep an open mind and be ready.
Colleges look for grades, they look for extracurriculars, but most of all, they look for passion.

Meet Our Team

Brianna Khan

Brianna Khan

Education Assistant

Brianna Khan is a recent graduate of Seattle University, and she received her degree in International Studies with a minor in Psychology and Spanish. Throughout her time at Seattle, she worked at an educational non-profit as well as tutored a variety of age-groups. As she works to achieve her next degree, she enjoys writing, painting, and reading.


Grammar & Academic Writing


College Essay Prep.


College Consulting

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