College Admissions Planning Services

VoicED enables students to stand out from the rest of the crowd by identifying the student’s passion and unique qualities. 

We keep our students informed at every step of the way. Our counselors conduct thorough research to identify the best choice of school and work with students specific areas of interests.

 When applying to a college, a student must become well informed about the school’s culture, extracurricular options, and majors. Since not every student can take the time and travel before acceptance, we spend time to inform and prepare the students for every possible option and choice among the nearly 2000 schools in the country. 

Building a Portfolio

Building a successful portfolio starts as early as middle school. Although, for the college application, only the high school activities play a significant role, often, many of the interests a student will pursue in middle school continue in high school as well and become a part of his or her profiling. Colleges want to see students pursuing their interests in continuation. We identify the most effective activities in relation to a major the student is oriented towards, and we build a portfolio that reflects these interests and passions. From creating the student’s resume, crafting the personal statement, to interview preparation, positioning is a critical element in our strategy, and we are highly successful at that. It is not by chance that 98% of our students get accepted into their top choice of college; some with acceptance into 10 out of the 12 schools they apply to receive a generous scholarship offering between 18K to 85K. 

Our results are proveable and speak for themselves. 

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Campus Visit Guidance

Each step toward the college preparation is well planned and executed. Visiting colleges is an essential part of planning. Familiarizing yourself with the campus, the offered programs, the student body, and faculty are critical to determining the right fit. We help with organizing the logistics of your visit and provide you with a questionnaire that enables you to be prepared to get the most out of your trip. Additionally, we will guide you in establishing a line of communication with the faculty and demonstrate continuous interest. 

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College Admissions Counseling For High School Students

VoicED strives to educate, lead, and inspire students of all ages. Our methodology empowers students to achieve excellence. In all of our classes, we uplift students to be the best version of themselves. We go beyond learning. Our counseling services are planned and executed not just with the mere purpose of getting to the final destination, but guiding young people to get there with poise, grace, and character. We assign reading materials, hold intellectual discussions, help with establishing teacher-student relationships, all in the effort to enable courage and self-confidence in the teenager’s developing perception about who they are and who they want to become. VoicED is on a mission to empower our youth to master perseverance and self-reliance as a proof of courage. We teach teenagers to identify the power of the mind, which bears up under all dangers and difficulties. Such qualities are needed every hour, and we are here to support all who come in contact with us. 

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Summer Internships and Pre-college Programs 

Hands-on activities and summer internships or shadowing can provide valuable feedback about a chosen major and profession. Summer is an excellent way to take part in extracurricular activities that can be an essential piece of the college admissions puzzle. The correct summer activity can elevate an otherwise average student portfolio to new heights. Often extracurricular activities are what sets one high GPA from another. We offer internship consultation and placement as an independent service or as a part of the package. We will help students identify fields of interest and place students in relevant and exciting internships across a wide variety of areas of interest. Whether a student is interested in biology, business, social entrepreneurship, research in STEM, or Speech and Debate, we will narrow down each possibility and plan accordingly. Alternatively, we can structure unique independent projects that align with students’ interests with tangible deliverables.

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