Special Areas Of Interests

Our counselors specialize in a number of specific areas to help students reach their college admissions goals.

  • Sports: The world of athletics and playing sports in college is complex and needs to be navigated differently than the regular route. We can guide families through the intricacies that student-athletes may face if they plan to apply for schools in NCAA Division I, II, or III. 
  • Arts and Music: For students applying to arts or music programs, and we can help showcase artistic talents in a creative and engaging way and can assist in building a portfolio (such as artwork, recordings, written pieces, etc.) while explaining how these supplements fit into the more extensive application picture. In recent years our students have applied to and been accepted to schools such as Juilliard, California Institute of the Arts, Pratt Institute, and the USC School of Architecture.


Common Application 

We walk through the entire application with you, highlighting the critical sections, phrasing the extracurricular activities, including your personal information, academic achievements, essays, all additional information, recommendations, and supplemental material. Also, we meticulously edit and review multiple times the common application, reviewing, and editing various entries before submission.

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Crafting the Personal Statement 

The personal statement is the backbone of acceptance into the college of choice.  Writing a personal statement takes multiple drafts, edits, reading, and critiquing. An essay draft can take multiple selections to complete. I love to see nothing more than a red ink spill on the canvas. With my guidance and expertise, I help you craft together a compelling application to make a favorable impression and win the hearts and minds of the admissions committee to get that acceptance letter.


The Interview 

For every interview, our students are coached one-on-one to prepare them for the ‘big day’ and to ensure they are able to make a lasting impression. We leave no stone unturned, including personal tips for success.  While a successful interview is not a guarantee for acceptance, failing the interview is guaranteed to lead to a denial of acceptance. Therefore, proper guidance and getting a chance to ponder upon some of the actual questions the students will have to answer on the spot is an invaluable preparation.  

Connect Today to Make Use of Decades of Experience in Working with Students 


Free Initial Consultation 

We offer free initial 45 min. consultation to meet and greet and hear your case. Prior to our meeting we request from you some information to help us best advise you and guide you. You might be requested to submit transcripts, testing scores, if applicable, a list of extracurriculars. Whether you choose us as your representatives or not, you will emerge from this consultation more knowledgeable and prepared for the process. 


For families who decide to work with us we begin with initial evaluation.  During this evaluation, we put together a plan so that your child is sure to max out on his or her school’s courses, fill in any gaps in knowledge or take courses outside of his or her school (only if necessary).

This is a preparation for our long-term strategy that will make your child as competitive as can be to the colleges to which he or she will eventually apply.

Connect Today to Make Use of Decades of Experience in Working with Students

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