Vocabulary Test Roots Quiz

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  1. The word pyrrhic (adj.) describes:1
  2. The word pretentious (adj.) prəˈtenSHəs is always used in a negative connotation and is related to which other word:1
  3. Find the word that best completes the sentence:1

    Under the _______ that it is a very hot day, Savannah asked to have a second and a third helping of vanilla ice cream.

  4. laconic (adj.) ləˈkänik1

    The best sentence that describes the meaning of this word is:

  5. In the word precedent the root of the word:1
  6. The king was not sure if his officers are skilled in a battle or if they were just mere thespians.1

    The author of this sentence would like to bring in clarity and change the end of it to read:

  7. Evaluate the following statement: The words predecessor and precocious share the same meaning:1
  8. The world tantalize (v.) tan(t)lˌīz is mostly used to describe:1
  9. You are most likely to choose which pair of synonyms to substitute the word: nemesis (n.) neməsəs1
  10. The gusty winds and the moisture in the air were a presage of the coming storm, not something new for the Ingals family but this time they knew to take action immediately.1

    The manner in which the word presage is used in the sentence means:

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