Subject /Verb Agreement Quiz

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  1. One-fifth of the children in our book club___________________ (to enjoy) discussing historical fictions.1
  2. Neither the boys nor their sister, Emilie ___________________ (to have) read Johnny Tremain before.1
  3. Everyone eagerly ___________________(to participate) in the math contest each spring.1
  4. Sally not Grace, Audrey, or Katherine, ___________________ (to have) finished the mile run the fastest today.1
  5. Most of the chapter that we have been discussing for a few days___________________ (to have) been inspiring.1
  6. The bookshelf that your grandfather built ___________________ (to lie) your book and papers for school.1
  7. While the speakers at the debate are making their final arguments, the audience ___________________ (to be) listening carefully, taking notes, or preparing questions to ask.1
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