How It Works

Initial Consultation

During the initial evaluation report and counseling session, an
admissions expert will review the application materials and the
educational history in order to accurately craft a plan for
The initial consultation includes:
An in-depth analysis of the students’ strengths and weaknesses
Desired, reach, best match, and safety schools.
This consultation will address all concerns, answer questions,
and provide clear pointers for the next step in the process.
The initial consultation is free of charge for the first 45 min.
This service is best fit for students who are self-motivated for
admissions success and who desire an expert to review and
assess the college candidacy before the final step of submission.
When you purchase the Admissions Evaluation Service from
VoicED, an admissions counselor will be assigned to your
application materials.

Complete Admission Consultation

Once signed up, the students has a continuous access to ask
questions and clarify any ideas.
This service takes place in four steps:
• Assessment–fill in the form describing the college experience
desired, career goals and aspirations, targeted major of study,
strengths and weaknesses, and all accomplishments up to this
point, extracurricular, internships, and all applicable
Plan of Action–after the assessment a detailed plan of action
will outline the steps that will have to be followed in order to
boost the students’ college candidacy taking under consideration
all of the prior information provided. This is a two-hour long
meeting and parents’ attendance is encouraged.
• Custom timeline to improve scores, participation in EC,
winning contests, overall engagement.
• Conduct thorough college search, including identifying and
researching potential college matches and creating a balanced
college list.
• This is the stage at which the colleges of interest are identified
and finalized. The plan of action will require scheduled
follow-up sessions to assess the progress.
• Follow-up–to gather all required paperwork, essays, and
planning for the recommendation letters. This is the time to
answer additional questions and plan for the essays stage. This
stage will require a short re-evaluation of your academic
standing and further planning on how to best showcase and
all of the students’ strengths.
• Students applying for IVY League Colleges will have an
additional meeting addressing academic involvement designed
by VoicED.
• Essay Writing Stage – time to craft the essay in a skillful
way to make the student stand out. Expert feedback is offered
on all drafts of the essay starting with the brainstorming stage
and finalizing after edits, grammar check, and proofreading.
Continuous expert feedback on each draft of the the Common
Application essay, the Coalition Application essay, or the
Personal statement.
• You will receive actionable advice on how to tell your story
with passion and professionalism.
• If any additional help is required with the essays, SAT, ACT,
or other standardized tests related to the college admissions
the college counselor is available for additional fee. VoicED
offers standardized testing boot camps and the essay writing
clinic meets every month; a 1:1 test-prep is available as well.

College Counseling Questionnaire

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