Grammar Practice 2

Directions: For each question in this section, select the best answer from among the choices given that replaces the underlined word(s).
1., 2. Kendra Michelson helped establish art as an important mode of learning in the city’s struggling schools. She taught local artists the strategies they needed to help children as young as five become bourgeoning artists who could then apply this creativity to their other subjects. Today, there are more than seven thousand (1) artists-in-residence around, all of (2) which teach classes to underprivileged students in school-based art studios.
3. The nickname “Mama Pop” was conferred on my aunt by fans of her famous soda shop. She herself, adopted the moniker, and, like a true mother to the community, embraced all of the associations that came along with it.
4. As the daughter of one of Charleston’s leading judges, Angelina Grimke could have looked forward to a life of luxury and ease, and her comfort assured by the presence of slaves trained to respond to her wishes.
5. Acclaimed novelist Toni Morrison likens memory to the way the Mississippi River, and other rivers like it, years after being straightened and pushed into levees by the Army Corps of Engineers, still strain at times to flood its banks and revisit the original, meandering route.
6. Mario Lanza himself claimed Enrico Caruso as his greatest influence and infamously played him on screen, reminding a wider audience that there was nothing incompatible between classical tenors and genuine popularity.
7. Fallingwater, one of the most famous examples of organic architecture, was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The family had given him free reign to construct their house on any location on their extensive land. Wright made the bold decision to place the house over a waterfall on the site. He then designed a house with many horizontal stones the same color as the rocks found in the surrounding area. This design structure allowed the house to blend in with its surroundings, looking almost as if it were made by nature rather than a human. Which of the following true statements would best introduce the paragraph?
8. It all began in mid-March when a peddler from Halifax named John Law had a frightening encounter with a poor young woman, Alizon Device in a field, near the town of Colne.
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